Thursday, 4 October 2007

i'm sorry for me

this is a real long story, a sad one at that, lost sweetness. i'll fill y'all in l8r. by the way im down with malaria. ttyl

Saturday, 1 September 2007

busy bee

hey pple,

how's it goin, i have some few minutes to spend 2day. i've been a bit busy and i havent just been bothered enuf to update.

i was tops in my class yaaay!, got a scholarship of some sorts.

i visited the capital state, abuja' it was fun, couple of places, great company, good weather, i enjoyed myself.

i found myself a new sweetness,mmm, makes me happy, my lips are sealed,

lotta luv

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

sup y'all

hello lovely pple,
i've been soo friggin busy, tryna keep strait aa's, it was my birthday last month. i've been okay, i speak real good german now and lots of things have happened..ttyl

Thursday, 5 April 2007

zu wenig, zu spat

Come wiv me, stay the night
u say the words but boy it dont feel right
what d'you xpect me 2 say
you take my hand ,usay u've changed
u say the words but boy u know ur beggin don't fool me
cos to you its just a game
so let me on down
cos time has made me stong
i'm startin to move on
i'm gonna say this now
your chance has come and gone

cos u know its jus a little too late
a little too wrong
and i can't wait,
u know all the right things to say
u know its jus t00 little too late
you say you dream of my face,
but you dont like me
u just like the chase
so be real it doesn't matter anyway
u know its jus too little too late

stepped in

hello everyone,
how r y'all doin, hows life, hows the weather, all in all hope ya'll are doin good. i haven't been around cos i've been busy(and a little lazy). i'm fine, my pple are fine. happy easter in advance.i dont know what t0 talk about; i have like tiny random issues runnin thru my mind sooo.. ok well, so i'll start :from where we stopped

  • valentines day, nothin much, was just at home, wiv my t.v. A day after, i went out wiv a couple of friends including josh. we were supposed to see a movie but they picked me late so w jus hat nando's and smirnoff and jus talked and chilled. i had fun.(by th way that was the last time i saw him, ask me why, i'v e no idea)
  • school was fine, my girl and i formed a new ritual of havin ice cream every friday, jus chillin and talkin girl talk. we go straight from school since its close. By the way i lurv ice cream, did u know, ice cream makes u happy? sure it does, like other things like, choclate or maybe cake dont mind me i'm simply elongating the list.
  • we had our european film week, t'was fun, we saw german movies, italian movies, spanish movies and french movies. all in all i think the italian ones were the best and they were very nice, we had white wine and pizza(which i totally love, and it probably made my judgement biased). it was fun all the way.
  • And then there was laspapi's play , i got free tickets, yeah he gave me tickets 4 me and my girls.(Thanks again laspapi). the play was lovely, witty and made so much sense, nodding and laughing. Stella is defiately a superb actress. And the other characters who were as well lovely to watch. my girl and i adapted the word "inconsequential" which in german translates "macht nichts". Two thumbs up to laspapi.
    so there it is, in summary.catchya l8r. tschus

Saturday, 10 March 2007


hi ppl missd ya'll sorry i haven't bin able 2 update a lil occupied.

Sunday, 4 February 2007

happy birthday ovawhelmed

dearest sweetest ovawhelmed,
this is to wish you a happy birthday in advance and say thank you for being great company. i might not be here early enough to say it first so i'm saying it now. you were the first real person to comment on my blog, that meant something to me. i hope you find joy and fulfillment, darling, as you turn 21, wish u all the happiness u can get and even more cos u deserve it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEEDY(in advance)
so much love,

i also confess

i confess that i cant wait to find out who the bachellorette is,
i confess that i wonder what juju/jazz vera is using on our male bloggers
i confess that i dont have a crush on "oyinbo"
i confess that i haven't seen dreamgirls and i soo wan2 see it
i confess that i am wondering if the scandalous bachelorette is excessive diva
i confess that i dont have a boyfriend so i'm going to be on a date wiv my tv on vals day
i confess that unnaked is a certified flirt
i confess that babalaye is too shy to tell us his crush(are u )
i confess that i am the one who typed this

@unnaked; not u, sweedy *smiling seductively*

Thursday, 1 February 2007

this is how i feel

its late and i'm feeling so tired
having trouble sleeping
this constant conpromise
between thinking and breathing

could it be i'm sovereign
because i'll never give in
dont say that i'm fallin in love
tell me i dont seem myself
couldn't i blame something else
jus dont say i'm falling in love

some kind of therapy
is all i need
please believe me
some instant remedy
that can cure me completely

dont say i'm falling in love
cos i've been there before and its not enough
dont even say it,
i've got my eyes shut

soul sista c
oyinbo boy is responsible for this


question 1
resting on a wall

question 2
swinging its tail/mane

question 3
its my best drink
i love the feel on my body
best medicine

question 4
its lovely
its matured
its calming

question 5
very feline/feminine

question 6
someone let me out

question 7
johnny depp

question 8

question 9

question 10
you are
be without u
thank god i found you

question 11
tenbury wells-outside london

last question
eagle, tiger ,sheep, cow, monkey

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

a crush or what

hey people, i haven't been able 2 update cos i went 2 see my dad, he's fyn. my weekend was fab, the best I've had in weeks, yeah, very eventful.

Friday; i went to see my friend in her school. i was really happy 2 see her, haven't seen her in like 7 months (last yr). i also found that some of my friends from high school were also schooling there, it was such a happy re-union.We talked and talked, bout the usual girl stuff, i felt really refreshed and all, lovely day.

Saturday; so this is what the topic is all about. i went to the supermarket to buy sumthing, i dint find it in the stalls so i went to ask, the attendant when they would have it in stock. lo and behold this white boy who looks like someone i know, he turns and there, its him. We attended the same high school and he was like 2 or 3 yrs ahead of me( lemme clear this up, I'm in Nigeria, my school was sort of posh, like 10% white people). i had already said (I'll call him josh), hey josh before it occurred to me not 2 be too forward, so as it happened;

josh; yeah hi (looking like hes wondering)
me; high school
josh; er..huh?
me; bla blah high schl
josh; yeah
me; you were my friend(god knows why i was acting like i had jus met jay-z)
josh; (nodding slightly)
me; i have a picture(opening my wallet to bring out my 9yr picture, why was i being so... anyway i couldn't back out and jus say no its not you so i just had to push it)
josh; of me?
me; no(silly)me, (handing him the picture)
josh; (nodding obviously)yeah, i know you, wow u've changed so much(considering the fact that we dint wear jewelry in my school and i cut my hair, i did sort of look like a boy), wow, common gimme a hug
me;(at last he does remember, the truth is he was actually my school father, i was literally tiny) good to see u
josh; yeah good to see u too, wow look at u
me; (i forgot to say i was like really sweating,that day, besides i had finished my 'business') bye josh
josh; oh ur going already, i jus came to buy somethings. so where r u going,
me; home
josh; how did u get here
me; i took a bike(naija 4 u since i dont have a car)
josh; can i drop u,(i'm lookin like..) okay i'm thirsty can i have water to drink in ur house, i'd like to meet ur parents, can i
me; nooo
josh; okay id just drop u
me; okay thanks
josh; so have i changed?
me; not at all
josh; mm, so what r u up to
me; I'm in blah blah,
josh; oh cool
me; so how about u
josh; we'll talk now..

so he buys his stuff, and takes me to my house , i tell him to drop me at the junction, I'm not ready for my mom's curious questions. he asks 4 my number, what would i say: no cos what, since i initiated the Reunion, i drop the digits, alright bye, mimi I'll call u.
next day he calls, u've grown, you're beautiful, id like to see u sometime, please let me know whenever Ur around, thanks.
the issue is, i haven't been able 2 put this dude out of my head, he's white cute, okay but i don't know wassup wiv me.

Sunday; went to church, my girls came, packed my clothes(one of those things), had a swell day and my main friend kept teasing me about josh

aside; i thot vals day was going 2 be boring, but maybe not..

I'm currently listening to YOU ARE by Lionel Richie, beooootiful song

Wednesday, 17 January 2007


this goes out to all those agbayas around the world, who keep chykin babes that are old enough to be thier gRandCHILDREN.
I chose to blog about this 2day cos of a call i received this morning.this is about those big old men who most likely know one of ur parents but still decide to toast you. the world, particularly Nigerians keep complaining about the irresponsibility of youths today, youths this, youths that, how about agbayas. Its not such a big deal if u find someone old enuf to be ur parent toasting you, the big deal is when they know ur parent and or are friends wiv them. This includes all those agbaya relatives who molest kids. i will be sighting 3 exampes;

  • travel agent;

this man is the owner of the travel agency we use. the first time i saw him, i was wiv my mom. she greeted him and i followed suit, 'oh is this ur daughter', 'shes very pretty and she looks nothing like u' 'u shd bring her along more'. now this man owns a big succesful agency, is married wiv kids, now one thing i so don't like is promiscous married men. The next time i saw him i went wiv my mom, i was sitting in the reception area and my mom went in, he came to ask me, 'xcuse me who d u want to see' and i told him my mom was inside, 'oh okay, mrs *******' yes. later on he came to meet me 'erm sis, pls come wiv me' so i follow him then as if to go upsairs he says 'can i have ur number' now trying to be respectful, and not being biased(at least he knows my mom) i drop the digits. the next time i see him, (at the agency wiv my mom)'hey, how r u'(its late cos we were s'posed to travel that nite, so the receptionist is not on seat)'i've been tryin ur number, did u give me a wrong number' no i did not, 'okay say the number again, blah blah, i hope he never gets thru, but ya'll no now..

  • stranger

i'm writting stranger, cos i dont know this person. i was in the car wiv my mom. someone calls my mom and she picks up the fone, its not proper but hey its naija, so this men in a space bus on the other lane start honkin the horn signallin my mom 2 hang up, i try signallin them to stop, that shes still on the fone, the guy on the passengers side makes a fone sign, lo and be hold a boy sellin milk comes to tap on my window i wind down and tell him that i dont want to buy milk u know naija pple, selling things in traffic(my neice once said she liked nigeria bcos u can do ur shoppin on in ur car, on the road)only for the guy to drop a complimentary card on my lap, courtesy the man in the spacebus, though hes busy mouthing 'call me' im thinkin, why would i want to call this agbaya.

  • phone repairer

So this man is the one who fixes, the phones and lappys. now it sounds a bit petty but hes not, very big shop, as a matter of fact, he sels phones, laptops, mp3s, ipods, so it a big place. i go with my mom most times. so on this day i wet wiv my mom to pick my fone that i jus bought(a t-mobile fone), my mom steps out of his office to move her car and then this old man asks me 4 my number, what can i do;say no i dont give my number to strangers" i had to drop the digits. about a wk later, the agbaya calls

AGBAYA3; "hello, this is *******"

me; oh good morning 'sir'

AGBAYA3;"how r u"

me;fine thank u sir

AGBAYA3; is ur mom there(imagine that)

me;no sir, shes in the next room

AGBAYA3; okay, so are u always with your mom

me; yes, most of the time

AGBAYA3; so its not possible 4 me to see u alone

me; erm no sir

AGBAYA3; too bad, so hows the weather there

me; its also cold

AGBAYA3;so will u tell ur mom i called

me; i dont know

AGBAYA3; u dont have to

me; okay

AGBAYA3;so take care

me;bye sir

the old thing wd have actually wanted to go on a date wiv me, may god punish all agbayas, amen

I think that,all these agbayas have phsychiatric issues and i also think that they don't have the guts to handle pple in thier own age range, cawards oshi

A word to the agbayas; GO GET SOME TEETH

Monday, 15 January 2007


songs i love or have always loved;

  • Hurt; christina aguilera

seems like it was yesterday when i saw your face, u told me how proud u were but i walked away, if only i knew what i know today

  • Be without you; mary j

if anybody whos ever loved shd know jus what i feel, too had 2 fake it, nothin can replace it...

  • Dangerously in love; Beyonce

im dangerously i love wit u...

  • Wow; brandy

now he loves me, the way that i wanted u to love me, hes always thinkin of me....

  • with you; jessica simpson

with nothin but a tshirt on, i never felt so beautiful, baby as i do now, now that im wiv u..

  • Unbreak my heart; toni braxton

say u love me again, undo this hurt u caused...

  • Have you ever; brandy

have u ever loved smone so much it makes u cry....

  • Thank god i found you; mariah carey and joe

thank god i found u.... u brought the sunshine....every dream some how bcame reality... im overwhelmed wiv gratitude, baby im so thankful i found u

my current top 5;

ijoba orun; lara george

funk up; dbanj

chineke; resonance

upgrade u; beyonce

too little too late; jojo

N.B; i suppose those of u who don't live in naija haven't heard watsup wiv this bobo, well the 411; theres this song on d'banj's(the guy in this picture) new album, its called rundown, some of the lyrics;

o ma funk eh up
its gonna funk u up

o ma funk eh up
o ma run down
baba e ma run down

i assume y'all mus 'a heard why me, if not....
mmn call me
so the gist is, this song is not gettin airplay cos of the lyrics
its not like they're lewd or somfn
anyway i think this is very tite next 2 why me

Monday, 8 January 2007

howdy fellas

hello lovely pple, wow we made it, its 2007,we have prayed and been prayed 4 and we pray that the prayers be answered, its good 2 be back, the holidays were fyn, havig all my siblings at home, going crazy and all, i hope everyone had fun. i wish ya'll a very fun and fulfilling year, i also hope that u strive t keep ur nu yr resolutions. few words of advice
  • love live
  • live today like never
  • tell pple u love, that u love 'em cos u dont no when u'll lose em
  • get close to your God( and if u dont have one;get a bible)
  • be kind

with luv,

little me