Sunday, 4 February 2007

happy birthday ovawhelmed

dearest sweetest ovawhelmed,
this is to wish you a happy birthday in advance and say thank you for being great company. i might not be here early enough to say it first so i'm saying it now. you were the first real person to comment on my blog, that meant something to me. i hope you find joy and fulfillment, darling, as you turn 21, wish u all the happiness u can get and even more cos u deserve it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEEDY(in advance)
so much love,

i also confess

i confess that i cant wait to find out who the bachellorette is,
i confess that i wonder what juju/jazz vera is using on our male bloggers
i confess that i dont have a crush on "oyinbo"
i confess that i haven't seen dreamgirls and i soo wan2 see it
i confess that i am wondering if the scandalous bachelorette is excessive diva
i confess that i dont have a boyfriend so i'm going to be on a date wiv my tv on vals day
i confess that unnaked is a certified flirt
i confess that babalaye is too shy to tell us his crush(are u )
i confess that i am the one who typed this

@unnaked; not u, sweedy *smiling seductively*

Thursday, 1 February 2007

this is how i feel

its late and i'm feeling so tired
having trouble sleeping
this constant conpromise
between thinking and breathing

could it be i'm sovereign
because i'll never give in
dont say that i'm fallin in love
tell me i dont seem myself
couldn't i blame something else
jus dont say i'm falling in love

some kind of therapy
is all i need
please believe me
some instant remedy
that can cure me completely

dont say i'm falling in love
cos i've been there before and its not enough
dont even say it,
i've got my eyes shut

soul sista c
oyinbo boy is responsible for this


question 1
resting on a wall

question 2
swinging its tail/mane

question 3
its my best drink
i love the feel on my body
best medicine

question 4
its lovely
its matured
its calming

question 5
very feline/feminine

question 6
someone let me out

question 7
johnny depp

question 8

question 9

question 10
you are
be without u
thank god i found you

question 11
tenbury wells-outside london

last question
eagle, tiger ,sheep, cow, monkey