Friday, 22 December 2006

see dis driver oh

Hey eeh, see me see trouble, infact, i don chop shit oh, na so driver look so tee begin chyke me. i'm lookin like ; now u know that im the queen of... all that....talkin... sayin shyte from ur mouth like blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah, im like ..shut up silly(copy rite Trina).

okay it was on this very good day, the boy said he'd like 2 have a word wiv me, no big deal, go ahead, DRIVER:"have u occupied"

ME;im like, wha', i dont understand,

DRIVER;"dont u have a dictionary"
ME;(im thinkin, wtf" look at this silly boy telling askin me 2 use my dictionary) nicely replying, oh in that context i don't understand

DRIVER;ok lets 4get that, ur mom did so so...

(okay long tin, my mom gave him a paltry sum to eat with, i cant start defendin,
ME; im sorry, whenever u need money come and ask me (i'm not even working-any modelling vacancies, this babe open) ),

DRIVER;I jus want to tell u that i like u, infact i love u, but i jus dint know how you will react"
ME;(na so i look dis guy sey "u dey crase" nicely i replied )"oh", (the thing dint even put himself in hi place and shut up,)

DRIVER;so what do u feel"; i feel very insulted ,
ME;"its a free world and this is nigeria, u have voiced ur feelings, i hear you

"the thing still continues spitting shit"
DRIVER;i'd like to have u as my girlfriend
ME;"i'm lookin like; you are so out of ur league, i say "no i cant"

DRIVER;"i know im not ur stuff"
so u just realised that, pple, its so hard to be nice when all u want todo is kick ass,
ME;I have priorites and right now i dont need a boyfriend.....blah blah:"so i begin to talk about having to maintain a 4.5 gpa nnd how i have to study my german and french, bla, blah blah,"

pple that was how i managed that, this life iS .....

Thursday, 21 December 2006

jingle bells

hi all, mehn, its chrismass again, this is gonna be a pretty .... dunno, its good 2 be optimistic rite yeah, oh santa..., yeah rite, i have never ever gotten a christmass present exept from God of course, i mean he has given me life, so yeah. i was hoping i'd get some this year. One bobo asked me what i wanted, and u know u can never be too, modest i said i wanted a nano ipod but, y'all know now, not forthcomin at all, probably even forgotten. so i have been listenin to the radio, hopin to win an ipod but there givin shirts , caps, very silly stuff. did i mention that my fone was stolen, is that goddamnshitty or what, its very annoyin but God woll provide.
so i jus dey, hopin 4 the best, im open to gifts, yeah, cmon, show me some love.
Its that time of the year when u start drafting your new year resoution, mine, lots of them,
  1. no meals after seven
  2. sleep by 10;30, considerin the fact that i dont party
  3. exersize 4 at least 10 mins everyday
  4. update my blog at least 2ce a week
  5. pray more
  6. read my books
  7. and so on

my pple, and fellow bloggers, this is wishin y'all a very merry christ mass and a happy new year

all i wanth 4 crithmuth ith my 2 fron teeth; i read that

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Hi y'all

i'm pretty much new at this but i jus found this blog thingy by chance courtesy one note about agbani, i have read a number of very interesting blogs and i think its gon' be fun, so i'll update subsequently, choos(its bye in dutch)