Thursday, 5 April 2007

zu wenig, zu spat

Come wiv me, stay the night
u say the words but boy it dont feel right
what d'you xpect me 2 say
you take my hand ,usay u've changed
u say the words but boy u know ur beggin don't fool me
cos to you its just a game
so let me on down
cos time has made me stong
i'm startin to move on
i'm gonna say this now
your chance has come and gone

cos u know its jus a little too late
a little too wrong
and i can't wait,
u know all the right things to say
u know its jus t00 little too late
you say you dream of my face,
but you dont like me
u just like the chase
so be real it doesn't matter anyway
u know its jus too little too late

stepped in

hello everyone,
how r y'all doin, hows life, hows the weather, all in all hope ya'll are doin good. i haven't been around cos i've been busy(and a little lazy). i'm fine, my pple are fine. happy easter in advance.i dont know what t0 talk about; i have like tiny random issues runnin thru my mind sooo.. ok well, so i'll start :from where we stopped

  • valentines day, nothin much, was just at home, wiv my t.v. A day after, i went out wiv a couple of friends including josh. we were supposed to see a movie but they picked me late so w jus hat nando's and smirnoff and jus talked and chilled. i had fun.(by th way that was the last time i saw him, ask me why, i'v e no idea)
  • school was fine, my girl and i formed a new ritual of havin ice cream every friday, jus chillin and talkin girl talk. we go straight from school since its close. By the way i lurv ice cream, did u know, ice cream makes u happy? sure it does, like other things like, choclate or maybe cake dont mind me i'm simply elongating the list.
  • we had our european film week, t'was fun, we saw german movies, italian movies, spanish movies and french movies. all in all i think the italian ones were the best and they were very nice, we had white wine and pizza(which i totally love, and it probably made my judgement biased). it was fun all the way.
  • And then there was laspapi's play , i got free tickets, yeah he gave me tickets 4 me and my girls.(Thanks again laspapi). the play was lovely, witty and made so much sense, nodding and laughing. Stella is defiately a superb actress. And the other characters who were as well lovely to watch. my girl and i adapted the word "inconsequential" which in german translates "macht nichts". Two thumbs up to laspapi.
    so there it is, in summary.catchya l8r. tschus