Thursday, 17 March 2011

#7 - I am thankful for my beautiful brownskin. Thankful for the Abundance of melanin and its natural beautiful tan.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

#5 - I am thankful for my Motherland, Strong, blessed, beautiful Nigeria.

#4 - I'm thankful for my family. Thankful that I have one to call my own.


Sunday, 13 March 2011

#3 - I'm thankful for my Blackberry. Thankful that I own one which allows me to post on my blog anytime. Sillly I know, but I'm thankful for her,(my blackberry) I call her sienna :-)


Saturday, 12 March 2011

So I almost forgot to post today. Well almost :)

#2 - I'm thankful for my eyes. Thankful that I can see. I saw a blind person today, and realised just how blessed I am to have two beautiful eyes working perfectly.


Friday, 11 March 2011


Thanks to two blogs,I have a new project. I have borrowed ideas from each of them and have merged them into one idea for me.
I have decided to do a "Project 365 Thanksgiving". This simply means that each day I would write one thing I'm thankful for.
So here goes

#1 - I'm thankful for the grace to be in the family of God, as joint heirs with the lord. It is the best thing that could ever and will ever happen to me in my entire life.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Here they go again

I'm back to moaning to you. I miss my daddy, I miss him so much it makes me cry. Yes I do cry. Just recently I was thinking of how I lack a stable male influence in my life -thank God I'm a girl so it doesn't make me wanna be gay. I thought about it, family, friends ; nada.
I have five half brothers who live in different parts of the world, I have lots of male cousins, couple of uncles but basically no contact to them. Everyone is busy with their various lives, doing this and that. I say hello, drop a facebook message here, but nothing gives. They reply msgs, say hello, and after a while just fade out. Busy, preoccupied, e.t.c..
Then comes friends. When I think of male friends, it breaks my heart to say that 95 percent of mine have wanted to get with me one way or the other. Its so hard to find a male friend of mine, who wasn't interested in getting with me, one who trully wanted to be my friend. This saddens me more than I can express.
As an only child who has now lost her father, I wish with all my heart that I had some big brother, or uncle, or friend to lean on. I am single if you're wondering, Been single for 3 months but that's the least of my problems.
People come and go, but sad as it may sound, I'm beginning to think guys are leavers. My daddy has left me-though I understand he did not wish to die, my exes have hurt me in some way- though I had to do the physical leaving, my brothers have never really been there, neither have the uncles or cousins and the friends have failed me as true friends.
There was one who made me his little sis and at the end things got topsy turvy because he wanted to be a lover. There's a second who made me his sis, but maybe I'm more than he bargained for, maybe he just liked the idea, but has no idea this young lady NEEDS a big brother, and therefore falls short, because he can't really be an available shoulder for her.
Its is after all this, I've come to the conclusion that male species are leavers. Maybe its too much to wish for a male friend who has my back completely, no strings attatched, But I believe that someday, I will find the bone of my bone and flesh of mine, who will fill that male void.
I love the ladies in my life, and I love my saviour.
I have brooded over my lack, but I am thankful for all I have.



Hello blogger!
Its been forever! Well about 3 years to be precise. Last post was in 2008 and its 2011, its been ages! I have missed blogging, not to say I never blogged the whole time. I infact created two other blogs during this long haitus, fortunately or unfortunately they never quite survived either - suffice to say I can't even remember what they were called- however, I'm back, back to stay.
Blogger was good to me, very theraupetic , allowing me to vent( also twitter), to express my feelings, to brood and I even get to make friends while I'm at it.
Now I'm back, and I'm redefining this blog.
Publishing name used to be mimi, now its feefey.
It used to be titled Jesus'gurl now its L'chaim! Quintessentially! I also changed the theme and 1 or two things.
So we'll be seen more of each other


Sunday, 30 November 2008

I'm around...

hello everybody,
its been soo long, im very well thank you pple, thank you favored girl. well i am literally chillin. i hope i update more often now.

Saturday, 23 February 2008 the beginnin

.. i speak fluent german , yeah toll!

... my fave songs at the moment
-bleeding love; leona lewis
-with you; chris brown
-tatoo; jordin sparks
-miss u die; p square

...sweetness didn't leave afterall
makes me happy ....really

... i love the lord
and he's teaching me faith and patience