Thursday, 10 March 2011


Hello blogger!
Its been forever! Well about 3 years to be precise. Last post was in 2008 and its 2011, its been ages! I have missed blogging, not to say I never blogged the whole time. I infact created two other blogs during this long haitus, fortunately or unfortunately they never quite survived either - suffice to say I can't even remember what they were called- however, I'm back, back to stay.
Blogger was good to me, very theraupetic , allowing me to vent( also twitter), to express my feelings, to brood and I even get to make friends while I'm at it.
Now I'm back, and I'm redefining this blog.
Publishing name used to be mimi, now its feefey.
It used to be titled Jesus'gurl now its L'chaim! Quintessentially! I also changed the theme and 1 or two things.
So we'll be seen more of each other


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