Saturday, 23 February 2008 the beginnin

.. i speak fluent german , yeah toll!

... my fave songs at the moment
-bleeding love; leona lewis
-with you; chris brown
-tatoo; jordin sparks
-miss u die; p square

...sweetness didn't leave afterall
makes me happy ....really

... i love the lord
and he's teaching me faith and patience



laspapi said...

how've you been?

niggarette said...

i loooove "with you" too! beautiful song. I'm not too keen on the tatoo song tho.
glad u still have d sweetness in your life....n faith n patience are a hard lessons..gud luck

mimi said...

@laspapi- doing good thanks and u?

@niggarette- mmn thanks

Favoured Girl said...

You've been away for too long! Hope you're good?